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Visnes Kalk AS operates an open pit mine located on the west coast of Norway. The production is based on processing of crystalline marble known for its whiteness and high calcium carbonate (CaCO3) content and high density eclogite.

Marble from Visnes is a metamorphic rock that consists mainly of mineral calcite, which is a crystalline form of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It has stable specific gravity of 2,7 tones / m3 and calcium carbonate content above 98%.  

The quarry is selectively operated to utilize the material in the most sufficient way, where fine grades are screened out and only pure marble stone is used as a raw material for further processing of marble products.

The company offers several grades of marble and has possibility to mix existing- or produce new grades according to customer needs.

We have long experience in production planning, quality control and logistics that help us to make sure that our high quality products are delivered on time. Our services are reflected in satisfied customers for a number of years.

In addition to marble grades, we produce Eclogite products with high compressive strength (>150MPa) and high average density (3,2 t / m3). Eclogite can be applied in various applications that require strong and heavy rock. Eclogite products are supplied by Visnes Eklogitt AS, a sister company of Visnes Kalk AS. Furthermore, Visnes Eklogitt AS collaborates with Norock & Co AS. 

Visnes Kalk AS has 25 employees, as well as a varying number of temporary contractors. The company consists of quarry, marble- and eclogite processing facilities, workshop, packing facilities for bags on pallets and big bags, as well as two shipping quay where the main quay is ISPS certified.


♦ Certified according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 .

♦ The marble from Visnes is registered and approved by Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) in: Drinking Water Regulations as approved water treatment chemicals , Fertilizers and feed businesses (NO13051129)

♦ Certified production control system according to Aggregates for concrete NS-EN 12620 , Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas NS-EN 13043 and Armourstone NS-EN 13383.

♦ Registered at Debios for registration scheme for operating equipment that is permitted for organic production.

♦ Member of Grønt Punkt

64052e5e23116141.jpg      ISO 9001 14001   kontrollrådet


Marble application area

For agriculture,
industry and construction

Marble from Visnes has a high purity (> 98% CaCO3) which makes it applicable for its chemistry, mechanical properties and white and beautiful appearance.

We supply quality products at competitive prices. 

Process Industry

Marble is part of several process industries due to its chemistry or color. See Products.

Water Treatment

Marble is used as a filtration mass, as well as regulating pH to improve the quality of drinking water. See Products.


Marble is part of a variety of building materials. Examples of this are facade stone, decorative marble chips, sandblasting, asphalt fillers. See Products.

Garden Lime

For horticulture, marble can be used as a gem in the form of marble chips or mixed soil in the soil with granulated marble fines. See Products.


Agricultural lime is used to increase the pH value in the soil. Lime is also added as a dietary supplement in animal feed. See products.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil industry uses marble sand as part of the mixture in the drilling fluid. Marble is soluble in acid, gives little wear on drilling equipment and has a stable density. See Products.

Eclogite applications area

Eclogite, where high density counts

Eclogite from Visnes has a high average density above 3,2 t/m3. This, together with high compressive strength (> 150MPa), provides excellent features for ballasting, overlay and protection of submerged installations.
The relatively high submerged weight gives the eclogite its advantage in achieving stability underwater.

We supply quality products at competitive prices.  


Eclogite is subtile as concrete aggregates with high density. High density gives the concrete advantage Properties in relation to heat absorbing and soundproofing. Eclogite is also an excellent ballast material for constructions. Ratings we offer are between 0-18 inches, these fractions are customized and made after ordering. See products.


Eclogite is used as armourstone covering foundations of offshore wind turbines. By using eclogite as armourstone counteracts erosion as well as provides structures and installations protection. Desired grading between 0-18" is produced by order. See Products.

Oil Installations

The high density of the eclogite makes it suitable as stable cover of different oil installations on the seabed. Here either for the protection of vital components against water currents or as shielding against other adverse effects. See Products.

Mass struckture

Eclogite has high compressive strength and is suitable for mass build-up for building and road construction purposes. We produce different fractions of eclogite for this purpose. See Products.

Friction sand

Eclogite in the 2-4mm or 4-7mm fraction is suitable as friction sand on icy roads. See Products.

Pebbel and gravel

Eclogite is used for a variety of purposes within the pebbel and gravel fraction. Examples of this are: Concrete mortar, pipe cover, drainage and reinforcement layers. See Products.


From mountain to product



Agricultural lime

Fine feed lime 0-0.5mm Product data sheet 0-0.5mm Feed lime.pdf
Coarse feedlime 0.5-2 mm Product data sheet 0.5-2 mm Coarse feed lime.pdf
Coarse feedlime 1-3mm Product data sheet 1-3 mm Coarse feed lime.pdf
Pelletized Lime Granulate Product data sheet Pelletized lime.pdf
Agriculture lime 0-1 mm Product data sheet 0-1 mm Agriculture lime.pdf
Agriculture Mg-lime 0-1 mm Product data sheet 0-1 mm Agriculture Mg-lime.pdf

Water treatment marble

Water treatment marble 0.5-2 mm Product data sheet 0.5-2 mm water treatment marble.pdf
Unik- Water treatment 0.5-3 mm Product data sheet 0.5-3 mm Unik treatment marble.pdf
Water treatment marble 2-3mm Product data sheet 2-3 mm Coarse Water treatment marble.pdf
Water treatment marble 1-3 mm Product data sheet 1-3 mm Water treatment marble.pdf

Abrasive Blasting

Marble Jet 0,3-0,6mm
Marble Plus 0,45-0,85mm

Concrete / Construction

Marble sand 0-2 mm Product data sheet 0-2 mm Concrete.pdf
Marble Chips 2-5mm Product data sheet 2-5 mm Chips.pdf
Marble Chips 5-8mm Product data sheet 5-8 mm Chips.pdf
Marble Chips 8-16mm Product data sheet 8-15 mm Chips.pdf
Marble Chips 25-50mm


Single 7-16mm
Single 16-22mm
Crushed Stone 20-70mm
Sand 0-8mm
Gravel 0-16mm
Gravel 0-22mm
Coarse gravel 0-70mm
Friction Stone 2-4mm
Friction Stone 4-7mm
Eclogite HD Armour stone 1-3"
Eclogite HD Armour stone 1-8"
Eclogite HD Armour stone 3-9"
Eclogite HD Armour stone 6-9"
Eclogite HD Armour stone 8-14"
Eclogite HD Armour stone 8-18"

Process Industry

Marble sand 0-2 mm Product data sheet 0-2 mm Concrete.pdf
Marble Rocks 150mm-400mm Product data sheet Coarse Marblerocks.pdf
Marble Stones 0-60mm


Marble powder d20 = 4 µm d50 = 17 µm d90 = 95 µm Product data sheet Filter lime Class.4.pdf

Marmor Properties

Density 2,73 t/m3
Hardness 3 (Moh.)
Acid insolubility 0,67Wt%
Ignition loss (at 1000 ° C) 43,34
Chemical compositions:
CaCO3 98,40 Wt%
CaO 55,10 Wt%
MgCO3 0,91 Wt%
MgO 0,44 Wt%
Fe2O3 0,11 Wt%
Al2O3 0,05 Wt%

Eclogite Properties

Density >3,2t/m3
Compressive strength >150MPa
mineral composition:
Feldspars 31,9Wt%
Garnet 24,9Wt%
Pyroxene 22,0Wt%
Quartz 12,9Wt%
Amphibolite 6,1Wt%
Other minerals 2,2Wt%
Chemical compositions:
SiO2 47,49 Wt%
Fe2O3 16,30 Wt%
Al2O3 9,71 Wt%
CaO 8,34 Wt%
MgO 5,94 Wt%
Na2O 2,48 Wt%
TiO2 2,13 Wt%
P2O5 0,33 Wt%
MnO 0,16 Wt%
K2O <0,01 Wt%


From high mountain to market

Visnes Kalk AS supplies products to Norway, but also to Europe and Asia.
We have our own ISPS bulk harbor, the quay is 60 meters long with depth 11 meters at lowest low tide. Load capacity is up to 2500 tons per hour and can handle ships up to 200 meters long.
We also have a port for loading bigbags and pallets. The quay is 35 meters long and the depth is 7 meters. The maximum ship length on this port is about 100 meters.
We collaborate with A.Visnes Transport for delivery of our products to customers in Norway by trucks. We also supply bigbags and pallets along the coast with boats with Moldegaard Maritime Logistics.


Delivery Methods:
- Bulk ship
- Tanker truck
- Truck
- Bigbags
- 25 kg bags stacked on europall

Production video

Below is the link to a movie made by Boskalis of a delivery to an offshore wind farm offshore. The video shows, among other things, the production and loading of eclogite from Visnes.
Boskalis, Visnes Eklogitt AS


The link below shows the production and delivery of eclogite rock from Visnes to Batangas in the Philippines. Here the cargo was used as cover material of gas pipes.
Batangas the Philippines, Visnes Eklogitt AS


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